What is Hot Grabba?

Hot Grabba is a hand-picked tobacco leaf selected for the smoothest burn and best smoke. There are different types of tobacco leaves varying in darkness. The darker the leaf, the stronger the hit of the smoke. The Fronto leaf, for example, is a thinner and light brown tobacco leaf used usually for cigars, and as a wrap. Hot Grabba, on the other hand, is a much thicker and darker leaf, meant to be dried out and crushed into little chips. These chips are meant to be used to roll spliffs from.

Why did we start?

When looking at the market, we realized there was no true dark tobacco leaf being sold in the United States. Most leaves are rather thin, light, and lack overall spiciness (a term we use to refer to the leaf’s potency). We wanted a true dark, thick tobacco leaf to go with our smokes. A leaf that had no additives and chemical flavorings, a leaf like the one being used in true Jamaican spliffs. We began simply because we wanted the right smoke and could not find it in stores. So many people were asking us for boxes that we decided this was worth pursuing as a business, and here we are.

 Where can you find us?

We are currently being distributed in Connecticut, Maryland, Washington, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida. We will soon expand the brand to all 50 states and more. Stay tuned for more exciting products.


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